About Unifree


Our narrative took root with a spark of inspiration during a captivating tour of a cutting-edge manufacturer specializing in plant-based spunlaced non-woven—a revolutionary, biodegradable solution for personal hygiene products. Our enthusiasm for this eco-friendly material was palpable, and the relevance became even more apparent amid the ongoing pandemic. A heightened focus on a more hygienic lifestyle was crucial in safeguarding against potential infections, and we were eager to contribute to this imperative shift.

Fueled by the passion for innovation and sustainability, we embarked on a bold business venture, leveraging the incredible properties of this plant-based spunlaced non-woven material. Our goal was clear: to craft a range of disposable products that catered to the demands of today's fast-paced consumers without adding any undue strain on our precious environment.

Our product line flourished, offering a diverse array of disposable items such as wipes, towels, and personal hygiene products, all proudly embodying the unique characteristics of the plant-based spunlaced non-woven fabric. The positive response from our customers was not just encouraging; it underscored the urgency of meeting, and even surpassing, the standards of cleanliness and sustainability.

As our business expanded, so did our commitment to responsible environmental practices. We delved into continuous research and development, ceaselessly striving to enhance our products and explore novel applications for the plant-based spunlaced non-woven material. What began as a business venture transformed into a fervent mission—a dedication to positive change.

Our story unfolded as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and a commitment to sustainability. Envisioning a future where personal hygiene and environmental consciousness seamlessly coexist, our business emerged as a beacon of hope in that direction. The spark that ignited during that enlightening factory tour evolved into a radiant flame of purpose, guiding us towards a cleaner, greener, and more hygienic world.